Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update from Marjorie Browning - missionary to Brazil

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Since my last letter to you I have been busy getting the house in Nova Holanda repaired and back in order. I have been making trips between there and the swamp, packing and moving my things out so that Pastor Denilson and his wife would have the house empty for the repairs to be done in Two Brothers Swamp.

April 4 was a special day at the church in Nova Holanda. That morning seven were baptized and two ladies were saved. The auditorium was filled with approximately 180 present in Sunday School. Because of my impending trip to the U.S. I have not taken on any definite responsibility, but some of the people have expressed to me their opinions as to what they feel I could and should do to help in the church and its missions after my return to Brazil on June 24.

This week I had a checkup with the doctor who performed my tongue surgery in 2004. He found no problem with relation to the cancer; however, he did see a possible problem with some teeth resulting from the radiation treatment which I had and sent me to a dental clinic. I am to return to the dentist on June 14 to correct that problem.

Please pray for me during the next few weeks as I learn to operate my rented Prius Hybrid, which is quite different from the horse which I have been riding for the past three years. I will be making a trip to Springfield, MO, visiting as many of my supporting churches as possible, and spend as much time as I can with my brother who is terminally ill with cancer.

Once back in Brazil and settled in the village of Nova Holanda, even though there is no post office there, I hope to be able to send you letters on a more regular schedule. Thank you for your patience and your faithful support and prayers, which have helped make it possible my living and working in that needy area.

Marjorie Browning

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