Friday, September 3, 2010

Update from Don & LuJean Stone, Missionaries to Hong Kong

Dear Bro. Rhoades and Church,

“You don’t recognize me, do you?” asked a lady of one of one of our men.

“No, I’m sorry. Should I know you?’ he questioned.

“No, but I recognize you. I have passed you on the street three or four times, and you

always handed me a tract and invited me to this church. I came today and received Christ!”

This was one of the wonderful highlights of our church anniversary August 1st. We had record crowds in both our Saturday congregation and our Sunday congregation. We had a total of 110 visitors and 63 received Christ as their Saviour. It was a time of rejoicing for all of us and has inspired all of us anew and given us an even greater vision of what God can do.

We always expect wonderful things from God and He never disappoints us. During the month of July we had 23 saved, 3 baptized, and 7 transferred their membership to the church. MAny of these people also came because they were given tracts. Please pray with us that more of those won for Christ will follow Him in baptism. This is a veery difficult step for most of them.

We are always moved by your love expressed to through prayers and support. Each month we have renewed strength because of your faithfulness. Thank you for being a part of our ministry and the great things God is doing here. We know we can be here in the ministry because He uses you to help make that possible.

Love in Christ,

Don & LuJean Stone

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update from the Mike Winters family - missionaries to Japan

This is a condensed version of the letter from Mike Winters. The full letter will be in the Missionary Books in the auditorium of our church.

Dear Church Family,

Earthquakes, floods, unemployment, and Toyota...these seem to be in the headlines everyday recently. Here in Japan, the economy is really struggling, but fortunately God spared us from the natural disasters that seem to be plaguing the rest of the world. Of course, because of Toyota, Japan has been in the news alot lately. Would you take a minute every time you see a Toyota driving down the road, to pray for the Winters family?

We had a busy year so far planting the seed in a variety of ways. Although we haven’t been blessed with any salvation decisions yet this year, we can see the hand of God on various ministries. In Fukuoka, we have planned a different theme each month to reach the lost. In February, the theme was “a Godly marriage”. We passed out thousands of flyers inviting people to Sunday services. We had several visitors. Please pray especially for the salvation of Wataru Katayama, Mizuho Yoshizato, and the Nagao family. In March, our theme was “Cults vs. the Bible”. We kicked off the month with a weekend seminar on the subject of “Jehovah’s Witness vs. the Bible”. Pastor Kosaki, a former Jehova’s Witness and now Baptist Pastor, was our guest speaker. We had dozens of visitors wanting to know more on the subject. Please pray these will return to church. Our theme for April is “The End Times”. In May and June, I will be speaking on raising children. Please pray God uses these themes and the many invites going out to see precious souls saved.

At the end of March we held two day camps for children. At least 30 of the 48 in attendance were first time visitors. Everything was new for them. We are praying for them to return for Sunday School.

I teach 5 English classes on Fridays and have had several stay after class asking questions about the church. We are slowly building relationships. Please pray for this ministry in Kokura.

We are planning furlough from September 2010 to March 2011. We are praying God will provide a good deal on a used motor home for this furlough and future furloughs. Please contact us if you know someone who would like to give a missionary a good deal on a motor home. or www.hakataminamibbc

Thank you for your prayers and support!
Mike & Becky Winters

Update from the Gary Phillips family - missionaries to the Philippines


The Good News...We finished our camp with a total of 629 young people. We saw 107 receive Christ as their Savior and 100 other decisions made. The Bad News...It cost more than we expected. We are still in need of $3,000 to help pay for camp. If you were not able to help us earlier with camp and would be able to now, we would appreciate it.

Gary’s 1 Year Checkup

This past week, we travelled back to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, for Gary’s 1 year checkup. This is something the doctor wants him to do each year for the next five years. Gary had the usual PET scans done. NO ACTIVE CANCER! Because of the stem cell transplant done a year ago, Gary now has to have his immunizations all over again. This time he received five shots. He also saw the neurologist who was responsible for diagnosing him in September of 2008. He ran through tests to determine Gary’s improvement with his hand and it was very evident that he has improved tremendously. You can go to to read all about our visit.

New Ministry

We have started a new ministry with the street kids of Agham road. DSWD is a children’s welfare organization in the Philippines. They have a building nearby and many children are housed there that they have taken in for numerous reasons, whether because they were being neglected or abused. The director has given us permission to go twice a week and hold Bible studies with the children. This is just one more avenue we have to reach these children and to show our love, and teach them the love of Christ. If we can reach them before the age of 10, we have hope that we can help keep them away from a life of crime on the streets.

We appreciate your faithful prayers for our ministry. Thank you for partnering with us to reach the Philippines for Christ!

Gary & Jeanie Phillips

Update from Renae Thompson - missionary to Germany

Dear Pastor and Church,

Several years ago I noticed that many people I knew had dementia. Now it seems I’m surrounded by people who suffer from depression, several of them quiet close friends. It puzzles me that they withdraw from other people when contact seems to do them so much good - obviously I need to educate myself more about the condition. Please pray for Christine, Gudi, Kathi, and Anneleise.

Esther is a young woman whose stepfather rejected her. She had a terrible childhood and bounced around between substitute living arrangements for many of her teen years. She is a Christian, but now at 20 still lacks a high school diploma and the basic confidence to navigate adult life. I am corresponding with her and I am often at a loss to know how to encourage her. Please pray for her.

Over the past few years, more and more Iranians from a refugee home have come to our church’s Persian Bible study and become Christians. On Sunday another was baptized and gave a great testimony about his determination to follow Christ despite family opposition. Pray for him and many others in his situation.

We recently had a brainstorming session to come up with ideas for more seating, as our auditorium is overcrowded. Church planting is in the plans, but still lacks leadership and workers. We collected ideas ranging from building on, to relocation, to other less conventional solutions. Please pray about which should be implemented and also about the form our outreach should take.

Renae Thompson

Update from Marjorie Browning - missionary to Brazil

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Since my last letter to you I have been busy getting the house in Nova Holanda repaired and back in order. I have been making trips between there and the swamp, packing and moving my things out so that Pastor Denilson and his wife would have the house empty for the repairs to be done in Two Brothers Swamp.

April 4 was a special day at the church in Nova Holanda. That morning seven were baptized and two ladies were saved. The auditorium was filled with approximately 180 present in Sunday School. Because of my impending trip to the U.S. I have not taken on any definite responsibility, but some of the people have expressed to me their opinions as to what they feel I could and should do to help in the church and its missions after my return to Brazil on June 24.

This week I had a checkup with the doctor who performed my tongue surgery in 2004. He found no problem with relation to the cancer; however, he did see a possible problem with some teeth resulting from the radiation treatment which I had and sent me to a dental clinic. I am to return to the dentist on June 14 to correct that problem.

Please pray for me during the next few weeks as I learn to operate my rented Prius Hybrid, which is quite different from the horse which I have been riding for the past three years. I will be making a trip to Springfield, MO, visiting as many of my supporting churches as possible, and spend as much time as I can with my brother who is terminally ill with cancer.

Once back in Brazil and settled in the village of Nova Holanda, even though there is no post office there, I hope to be able to send you letters on a more regular schedule. Thank you for your patience and your faithful support and prayers, which have helped make it possible my living and working in that needy area.

Marjorie Browning

Update from the Paul Byars family - missionaries to the Philippines

encourageMENt 2010:

As you can tell by the title our goal was to encourage MEN during our Pastor’s and men’s retreat in Baguio during January this year. The name of our men’s ministry at church is Gideon’s Men - Men of Ministry. Our aim is to edify each other, work as a team to reach other men in our community and to do ministry in the church. God has given us a good group of men to work with.

During this encourageMENt Retreat God allowed 275 pastors and men to join with us in mountains and refresh ourselves with God’s Word and fellowship. Our guest speaker was Dr. Bob Baird. The men were challenged by the missions heart of Bro. Baird. Our men of the church have been “fired up” ever since the retreat. It was a great team building exercise.

12th Anniversary:

This was our first anniversary in our new building. We were all excited to see the building filling up with people. We ran out of chairs and benches and had standing room only. Total attendance was 440. We had 80 first time visitors and 17 professions of Christ. Since we moved into our new location we have seen an increase in our attendance. The ongoing construction on the third floor is still an attraction to the community.

Bible Institute Graduation:

March 28th marked the first graduation of the Bible Baptist Church Bible Institute. It is a two year course held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. We thank the Lord for this first batch who finished the studies and are serving the Lord in the Sunday school and extension ministries.

Since the beginning of the year we have had visitors every Sunday and folks getting saved every month.

Ellen and I want to thank you for the many prayers and faithful support. Without your help we could not accomplish the blessing that God has given thus far.

Paul and Ellen Byars

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update from the Ken Liles family - missionaries "Creative Access Nations"

Dear Pastor and Church,

We need prayer for a Bible Institute in Athens. Two months ago we helped start a Bible Institute in Athens for Persian-speaking refugees. From the 150 refugees that our team works with each week, there were 15 who enrolled and a high of 19 in our first class. We have outlined a curriculum, provided class notes, contacted competent teachers who will come and teach the classes; but we need translators who can translate the teachers’ notes and assist them in class. Please pray for our Iranian Leadership Team, that the Lord will give them wisdom as they lead this Institute to prepare the refugees to be effective witness for Christ in the Persian World.

We need prayer for our “Reformission” Campaign in the United Kingdom. Recently, we held an evangelism and church-planting conference at the White House in Cannock, England. We had around 40 attendees who were church leaders from a cross-section of the country. We believe that the churches in Great Britain need to re-form themselves for twenty-first century missions in a multicultural and Islamizing environment. Pray as we travel to the churches to share a revitalization strategy with them. Perhaps you have heard of the many churches here without pastors and of the churches that are closing their doors; pray for revival and the revitalization of the Lord’s work in this region. If churches do not revive they will not survive, and Islam will become the next religious power in this part of the western world.

We need prayer for our health. Ken has just had a hip replacement and is recovering nicely, but Carrie has contracted shingles and is having some blood pressure problems. We have been reminded of what happens where the kingdom of darkness is being threatened: missionaries suffer. Thank you for praying.

Your Servants for His Sake,
Ken & Carrie Liles